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  • The Accu-tac bipod is “pretty snazzy”. It was just what I was looking for. It is well made, has an artistic scalloped design with functional points that allow you to adjust it in numerous ways. It went on my AR-15 easy and set up like it was meant to be there. It was easy to put into action and take down when I don’t need it. I actually left it on now that I am used to it. I really like how it operates.

    Kenn Blanchard | BlackManWithAGun.Com
  • We were introduced to ACCU-TAC bipods at a sniper school in Montana by R4Evolution in 2014. The Gemtech Team used these bipods throughout the school at all angles and positions you can imagine. They worked flawless. The ACCU-TAC bipods are extremely well built, easy and quick to operate, very quite and will adjust to just about any angle that the shooter will ever need. We liked them so much that we ordered them to use in our Gemtech demos that we do at various events throughout the country. Once in a while you find that stand out piece of kit that just works. The ACCU-TAC bipod is definitely one of them.

    Casey Foster | GEMTECH | Director- Special Projects
  • I have seen numerous of bipods but none like the Accu-Tac Bipod.. The quality and precision is terrific. It just mounts to my gun with no problem. The ratcheted legs makes this Bipod really stand out! I’m very happy with my purchase.

    Robert Morales | Phoenix, AZ